Thunder Tea Rice
A signature dish for Hakka Families

Thunder Tea Rice is all about herbs, vegetables and tofu. Thunder Tea Rice is a low fat, low cholesterol diet ideal for body detoxification and weight management. Many types of herbs are used in the making of Thunder Tea Rice thus it has high therapeutic and curative value. It is especially effective for cold, flu, cough and some common sickness. Thunder Tea Rice is also effective in treating joint pains and in removing stomach wind and gas. Frequent consumption of Thunder Tea Rice promotes good health and improves vitality

History of Thunder Tea Rice
Qin Dynasty (221-207AD)

The story of Hakka Lei Cha dated back during the Qin Dynasty (221-207 AD) during China’s turbulent era of the Three Kingdoms. When General Zhang Fei led his troops into the Wuling province, a plague broke out in the region. His tired and exhausted troops were struck down with illness.

Fortunately, there was an old herbal medicine practitioner that came to their aid by teaching the men to collect herbs from the area and brew them into a concoction which were mixed in with some nuts, grains, pulverized tea, and ginger. It was then served with rice. This herbal concoction did wonders to ward off the plague and eventually cured all the soldiers. General Zhang's troops were revived and energized, and they continued to fight the war to victory.

According to history, the tradition of Hakka Lei Cha was practiced during the Qin Dynasty (221-207 AD). The turmoil between tribes in the North, war, floods, plagues, droughts, famine and other uncertainties drove the Northern Hans to a massive migration to the South, to Jiangxi, Guangdong and Fujian.

During the mass migration along the rough and tough terrain, the Hakka brought with them the traditional preparation of a frugal diet called Lei Cha that became a staple diet. They were able to maintain good health and acquire much needed energy although food was scarce as all that was needed to prepare Lei Cha were just a few grains and some easily available herbs.

Once reaching the South, the Hakka settled down mostly in the terrain and near the mountains and started their new lives as farmers. The local people in the South called these Northerners ‘Hakka’ literally meaning ‘Guest Families’

擂茶别名“三生汤”。据古书记载,相传三国时期,张飞领官兵进军武陵时,不幸瘟疫正在当地爆发起来, 而其将士们亦不幸受瘟疫感染无力作战。适逢当时有位草药医师老前辈有感蜀军纪律严明,便献上祖传除瘟秘方,以生茶,生姜,生米一起研磨成糊泥后,烹煮成汤给将士们饮用, 果然”汤”到病除,众将们力抗顽敌至凯旋归歌。之后张飞称额庆幸道谢说:“真是三生有幸”。擂茶别名因此而来且可养身治病的特能也因此流传开来。

又相传早在东普朝代(公元317-420),北部的汉族因要面对长期的战争及动荡的生活,渐渐纷纷开始自中原南下迁陡。为了解决中途的饥渴问题,他们带备了一些即能充饥又能解渴且方便携带的粮食。擂茶因此而被引传至南方如江西,广东及福建一代。 这些北部的汉族初到南方,原于来自远方,被当地居民喻为“客”“家”人。 从此,客家人便在南部定居下来。其后,客家人更逐渐分怖至四川省及越过海峡至台湾亚洲地带。而他们的生活及饮食习惯,亦随着他们的迁徒,在各处流传及被接收下来。甚有怀思故情之意。 =-8

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